Dr. Ehsan Toreini

Assitant Professor at Durham University

I research to make our world more secure.

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    Room ?? (Working from home for now)
    Department of Computer Science
    Durham University, Durham
    DR1 2HM, United Kingdom
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    (+44) 0191-334-1700
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About me

I am assistant professor (lecturer) in computer science at Durham University.The main theme of my research is security engineering and practical cryptography. I researchs on physical security, web security and trustworthy machine learning; however, I am always ready to explore exciting research topics.

I graduated from Newcastle University in 2018 where I was a part of Secure and Resillient Systems (SRS group, formely known as Centre for Software Reliability, CSR). My thesis title was "New Advances in Tamper Evident Technologies". I designed secure protocols to ensure integrity of various subjects against malicious tampering. The results of my research have been published in esteemed media outlets such as The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Guardian and BBC.

I am invited expert in Device and Sensor Group of World Wide Web Concertsium (W3C). There, I collaborate with other members to set new starndards for security and privacy issues of sensors conenctivity in modern browsers.

Also, I am interested into hardware security and secure identification of smart devices in various Internet of Things (IoT) infrustures.

Research Interests

  • Trust in Emerging Technologies
  • Integrity Assurance Mechanisms
  • Side Channel Attacks
  • Web Browser Security
  • Trustworthy Machine Learning