Ehsan Toreini, PhD

Lecturer in Software Security
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I am a lecturer in software security in Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS) in University of Surrey and visiting academic in department of computer science at Durham University.

My research interests are centered around designing secure architecture and system security. My research projects have bene published in major security conferences and journal (such as USENIX, ACM TOPS, ACM TIFS and ACM FacCt) have been featured in esteemed media outlets such as the Economist and Wall Street Journal). Additionally, I hold two US patents (I and II).

As a white hat, I have also led sidekick projects that resulted in two significant improvements in the security of the web ecosystem. JavaScript-based side-channel attacks to motion and orientation sensors using the leakages in Same-Origin-Policy caused major security patches in all mainstream browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari, and iOS), making W3C dedicate a section on privacy and security of deviceorientation API in the documentation (now deprecated) . Also, the privacy leakages of private browsing caused major updates in Apple Safari and Google Chrome. Look into my research page for more detail.

Future opportunities:
  • Student project? If you're a Surrey University student looking for a final year projects or research positions, please refer to this page.
  • Join my lab? If you are looking for a PhD, Postdoc or visiting scholar positions, please send an email to me with your proposal and CV (I usually respond within a week)


For more detail on my research projects and interests, see my research page.


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I have many teaching experiences in different roles such as module leader, module coordinator and module designer for security related (and unrelated) courses. I will keep everyone posted on my teaching responsibilities in Surrey University in near future.

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Other bits and pieces that I am proud of include nominations, public outreach presentations and impacts. Some are: